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Sea of Thieves Mystery 2: The Hoarder's Hunt

With my time at WPG I have had the opportunity to work on an external project with Sea of Thieves!!! I had the chance to work on the new Mystery - A type of adventure that was released in parts over several weeks, allowing the community to work together to gather clues and complete the journey!

I was responsible for helping create the riddles and the dig sites for the islands adventures, plotting out the course players would have to sail and trying to keep the mystery going throughout. Also making sure that all service features were set up, so as the mystery went 'live' assets and dialogue updated to work with the hunt.

For the Mystery, we split it up into four sections, this was so we could get the player to explore different areas of the sea, and meaning that clues where kept to a similar territory.

- Skin of Gold

- A Feathered Fortune

- Portrait of Plunder

- The Crowning Glory

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