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Making things in UE4...

I have been playing around in UE4 lately, getting some much needed practice. In doing so I have started a small project to learn some new things. The project that I decided I was going to go with was a tycoon style game.

My first task was to create a system where, I would click some HUD buttons, upon doing so, the building/object you selected would appear on the location of the mouse cursor. Then when the mouse is pressed again, the building/object would spawn on the chosen location. If however something was already in there, or an object was in the way, this would mean that you are unable to place at this location. The video below shows that I achieved my begging goals.

From here there was a lot more that I wanted to include, so I set up some new goals and these where the following:

- Better Camera System

- Include a clock/calendar that the player could change

- Building rotation

- Currency

So with those goals in mind, I improved how the cameras worked, and how the player moves through the world. Now moving the cursor to the edge of the screen, also enables the player to move, was well as WASD.

I also included the clock and calendar, this also comes with buttons to help the player speed up and slow down time.

The video below shows where the project is currently at, All the new assets in the video come from a talented game artist called Luke. His website link is here :

I hope to carry on with this project some time in the near future, as there is still a lot I wish to learn.

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