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Hammer Girl...

Hammer Girl is a personal project that me and a friend have undertaken in UE4! The main purpose for this project was to enhance our abilities within blueprints and try and create a game that we can release for free, that hopefully people will find fun and enjoyable to play. Not only this, but as I am a part time lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, we decided this would be a great project for the students, as they would be able to learn some of the processes of the games industry.

The game was to be kept basic, with simple mechanics. Walk, Jump, Attack, Collectables and Interaction. This was so that we could apply simple mechanics to create a puzzle game.

We broke down several stages of this small game, and made them into small and easy to follow videos/lectures. The stages where the following, The Player Controller, The Collectable, Basic Level Guide, Destructible Blueprint, NPC Actor, Quest Giver and HUD. These videos can be found here.

We wanted to actually create this game too, not only just for the students, so progress is still ongoing, looking at keeping the project small andaround half an hour gameplay.

Here is the first gameplay trailer we have:

Hopefully there will be more Hammer Girl posts in the future, but for the time being production will be put on hold.

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