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Hammer Girl

Hammer Girl is a personal project that me and a friend have undertaken in UE4! The main purpose for this project was to enhance our abilities within blueprints and try and create a game that we can release for free, that hopefully people will find fun and enjoyable to play. Not only this, but as I am a part time lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, we decided this would be a great project for the students, as they would be able to learn some of the processes of the games industry.


For more information about the project, feel free to have a look at some of the links below:


- tumblr: HammerGirlDev

- Youtube: Video Tutorials


Some of the things I worked on:


> Creating the world overview


> Creating Blueprints to help aid with Gameplay and Level Design.


> Bug testing and fixing.


> Create immersive levels and environments.


> Level Scripting


> Setting up and implementing Level Streaming.


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