UCLAN Games Design - Virtual Degree Show

Whilst working for UCLAN, at the end of each year it is the usual thing for us to celebrate our students work with an end of year Degree Show. With the unfortunate circumstances surrounding COVID19 it was not looking possible for us to be able to showcase our students work like usual - this is where the Virtual Degree Show came into play.

I was able to create a space that allowed each student to showcase their work with their own booth. Within this booth students could show a highlight reel, two images, the programmes they used for the work, a profile picture and if they chose to, a QR code that led to their portfolio site. 

I also created a gallery section that allowed us to show of students concept imagery and 3D models, allowing players to get a closer look at the quality of work our students had submitted. 

With this Virtual Degree Show we made it downloadable allowing students and industry guests to download and enjoy the experience themselves. We also took the extra step to stream live on Twitch for the opening night, which allowed us to get great response from industry guests, alumni and the students who completed the work for this Degree Show.

Feel free to download the experience yourself and take a look around:



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