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Beyond : Flesh and Blood

On my work with Beyond: Flesh and Blood I have been involved with the process of creating multiple levels for the game. During my time I have also been a major part of the conversion of the game from UDK to UE4, which has been a unique learning curve and has helped me progress my skills, especially in Blueprints. 

Footage of one of my levels, which took place within a Construction Site was used to show off the first UE4 footage of the game at Rezzed, and was also used to help secure Xbox ID.


Some of the things I worked on:


> Creating white box environments.                                                                                                                > Level Scripting.


> Creating Blueprints to help aid with Gameplay and Level Design.                                                         > Optimisation


> Bug testing and fixing.                                                                                                                                    > Bringing levels from UDK to UE4.


> Create immersive levels and environments.                                                                                              > Setting up and implementing Level Streaming.



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